Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Featured Author of the Month! Jamie White Stains Trilogy

Author Jamie White

Do you love weird, paranormal stories?

GREAT, because I’ve got plenty of them to tell.

I can help you journey into the unknown and discover the hidden, yet awesome world out there that most people either don’t see, or don’t want to see. 

I’ve been exploring that world unofficially since the first Poltergeist movie, and I haven’t lost that love for the paranormal since— that’s why I write about it.

That’s right, I’m a paranormal fiction writer. 

But what sets me apart from other paranormal fiction writers out there is… I actively explore the fascinating hidden world around us through meditation and other practices, like Reiki and chanting. I also work with crystals. These things are part of my world, both real and fictional, and I love sharing them.

I hope that, much like I felt after reading Christopher Pike’s work, you’ll feel inspired to explore the weird side of life by getting lost in one of my novels.

Who am I? My name’s Jamie White. Aside from being obsessed with all things paranormal and writing about that in my fiction novels I’m also a journalism geek. 

Before following my ultimate obsession into fiction writing I was an editor of multiple college publications, and interned at a major newspaper. You could say words have accompanied me for a long time. 

During leisure times, I would role play Buffy the Vampire Slayer and write song spoofs based on that and other things. The fiction bug was biting, but it really got me when I went to my first writing club meeting on a whim (the lesson? Listen to that inner voice). 

I had some much fun writing that first story, I kept going. And within a year, I had the insane idea to try and write a whole novel in a month. Yes, I was questioning my sanity.

Luckily, the muse was with me and her story, “The Life and Times of No One in Particular,” was born. Since then, I have been published by Pagan Writers Press, had a short featured in an anthology, won a library essay contest, and have several more projects coming, including the re-release of the Stains books and my new Lightworker series. 

On the weird side, I go to crystal classes, chanting classes, give tarot readings, and became a level II Reiki practitioner in February 2015. I'm taking a wild journey, and I'd love for you to join me. Fiction and the unknown? Works for me.

It’s her last summer before going away to college and Fiona finds herself facing more than she bargained for: A boyfriend she doesn’t want who has a strange hold over her, a friend pushing her to expand her boundaries, and a new guy named Ted whose presence is more than a distraction. If that isn’t enough, Fiona is being haunted with horrifying nightmares of burning at the stake—nightmares that are so real, she feels as though she’s losing her mid. Are they only dreams, or are they trying to warn her about this new guy she can’t help but want?

Fiona and Ted are enjoying their new lives in college when the nightmares that haunted her a year ago return, showing her even more past horrors— scenes that leave her shaken and wondering if she’s destined for anything more than pain. Fiona tries to brush them off, but it soon becomes clear that someone she trusts knows about the lives she's tried so hard to forget. 

Someone who wants her dead. 

Despite being told that everything is fine, Ted isn’t so sure. As he prepares to leave for a school break, he can’t shake the feeling he might not see her again. A call from Fiona confirms that fear and he rushes back, determined not to lose her this time.

When Fiona survived a college friend's attack, she thought she'd finally freed herself of her tangled past. 

Unfortunately for Fiona, things aren't that simple. After coming to realize the young daughter she'd been wary of keeping is someone from her past, she's forced to deal with nightmares again... and the danger that could be lurking in her own home. 

Will Fiona be able to untangle centuries of betrayal, anger, and death or will she fall victim to her past once more?

Saturday, November 18, 2017

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The Aching Darkness Available on Preorder!

A Dark Fantasy Anthology

Parker Sinclair ~ Alexia Purdy ~ Jessica Ozment~ Robert Stock
These pages contain thrilling short stories for the dark fantasy lover. Fight grotesque, body and soul consuming creatures, hacking off their limbs with sharp pointy weapons, as Dark Angel, Ilese, defends humanity, in A Darker Fall. Find your true power as the head witch in your ancient coven, while hiding a terrible secret costing you everyone you love in White Matron. Mind meld with killer, lover, and immortal, Joe Smith, in Lord of Blood. Travel to Sin City for a Post-apocalyptic Vampire of Vegas story stocked with vampires and zombies, in Brevity.
Depravity, Lies, Blood, Sex, & Magic
Will Set Your Pulse Pounding
Your Spine Tingling & Your Mind Reeling

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Paperback: Paperback:

By Parker Sinclair
Though her heritage makes for a formidable soldier, Ilese lacks certain aspects of humanity that allows her to care profoundly for others. Yet, her second in command, Josh, may find a way to prove otherwise.
An on-going war, a crucial mistake, and a decision that could change everything; one where losing something real isn’t an option.

By Jessica Ozment

Fey Westfall is a White Witch on the cusp of gaining her true power. Not only has she lost everything she knows and loves, she’s also on the verge of unraveling a complicated past that has an unbreakable bond with her destiny. For years, deceptive lies and altered memories shrouded the answers as to why her beloved mother disappeared when she was a child. Now, with her reign inevitable and her power surging; Fey is uncovering the agonizing truth. 

Though the Westfall family has protected an entire village of magical beings cut off from the outside world for hundreds of years, the tradition required a tremendous sacrifice to hide the immeasurable arcane magic within Fey's ancient coven. Now, the darkness they’ve created will fight to the ends of the Earth to escape, all under the guise of wanting nothing more than to dictate where the next Matron's loyalties lie. 

Can Fey overpower an unspeakable evil hiding within the depths of her soul? Or, will those closest to her reek of betrayal? One thing’s certain; she mustn't find safety in the secrets that have already cost her everything.

For the Love of Blood
By Robert Stock

Killer, lover, immortal; Joe Smith is a vampire that saves as many lives as he takes. He’s a surgeon, and a literal Lord of Blood, bending flesh and plasma to his will. In the ER, he performs miracles. In the darkness, he performs atrocities. But don’t worry, he only kills the bad ones...mostly.

The Trophy Room (Story one): The Lord of Blood heads to confession in “The Trophy Room”. Methinks it may be a bit bloody!

For Bathed in Blood (Story two): The Lord of Blood comes face-to-face with the Countess of Blood, Elizabeth Bathory. Will there be a bloodbath? Or will the sparks fly and burn down the barn?

By Alexia Purdy

Witnesses to the end of the world, two airmen race against a plague infecting the city of Las Vegas which turns people into blood thirsty creatures. Ground zero for outbreak, they’ll learn the ones responsible are closer than they thought and the city, under siege, will never be the same.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Nicole Peterkin Best Selling New Release

Imagine knowing for certain when and how your financial goals will be achieved.

Imagine having a plan to build true wealth―while not feeling guilty about how you spend the rest of your money. 

Imagine being able to work half as hard at the money game while having twice as much to show for it.

Growing up, Nicole Peterkin saw how her dad, a successful chemical engineer, did all the “right” things and still wasn’t living the kind of lifestyle that his multi-six-figure income could have provided. He loved his family, but he didn’t know how to save like it.

Nicole is now on a mission to help you put your money to work for you and your family. In this book you’ll learn exactly why the conventional wisdom we’ve all been taught doesn’t work anymore, and how to create a strategy for your money so you can achieve your desired lifestyle both today and in the future.


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Thursday, September 14, 2017

Catherine Storing's Best Selling New Release

Is unifying your two passions a problem? Do you find yourself struggling to choose between YOUR calling and vocation on a regular basis? I know I did. For far too long I thought I had to choose between my faith and my business not fully understanding that they could not only coexist but also thrive together. 

This life/business-changing realization is one of the reasons why I decided to write this book, to help other faith-driven leaders and professionals find a harmonious balance between the two. Marrying vocation and calling is not just a good idea, but also game-changing in terms of growth, and potential reach. 

My hope is that this book and the principles within help you say yes to A Match Made in Heaven. 

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